Preparing Your Home To Sell

A show day is an excellent opportunity to help sell your property faster. Read our list of tips to make the most of this opportunity:

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Outside the house

First impressions last. The first impression for the buyer is the garden and the outside appearance of your home.

  • Mow the lawn and ensure that garden tools and hose pipes are neatly packed away.

  • Ensure that your swimming pool is clean and sparkling and that all water features are operating.

  • Spend a little time to ensure that exterior walls, woodwork and gutters are in good repair.

  • Make your braai and entertainment areas attractive.

  • Make sure your front door invites visitors in.

Inside the house

  • Make it as bright and light as you can. Switch on the lights if necessary and open all the curtains to ensure ample light in all the rooms.

  • Make sure that bathrooms are clean, towels hung up neatly and all products packed away.

  • Baths, basins, toilets, taps and showers must be shiny.

  • Kitchen, stove and oven must be sparkling clean and all dishes and washing packed away.

  • Pick up all toys and pack away any items which make the rooms feel cluttered.

  • Pack away any clothes lying and hanging around.

  • In summer, open doors and windows as far as possible and allow light and fresh air to circulate.

  • In winter, make your home warm, cosy and inviting.

  • Make sure that visitors can view all the outbuildings.

  • Put fresh flowers in a vase on a prominent spot.

  • Play classical music to create a pleasant atmosphere.

  • If possible, try housing pets elsewhere for the day.

  • Do not hang about and make sure that family and friends are away during show times – it allows prospective buyers to be at ease, unobserved, comfortable and free to voice their feelings.

  • Lock away all valuables.