Moving Made Easy

Six to eight weeks prior to the move
  • Confirm the date of your move and obtain quotations from furniture removal companies.
  • Obtain ENOUGH! boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap, unprinted newspaper and permanent markers if you are going to do the packing yourself.
  • Confirm all insurance needs. Arrange with your short term insurer to cover your transport risk for the day of your move – it is far less expensive than insurance provided by the removal company.
  • Arrange for the disconnection/transfer of your fixed line telephone and/or broadband service with the help of the communications company and arrange for the correct accounts.
  • Arrange for the transfer or disconnection of your water and electricity.
Four weeks
  • Create an inventory of all your major belongings and allocate them to the rooms in your new home – write everything down!
  • Give away any belongings you no longer need to a charity of your choice or to friends. A garage sale is another option.
  • Arrange for the storage of your property, if necessary.
  • If possible, visit your new home to take measurements for curtains and electronic appliances.
Three weeks
  • Obtain all important records/information that you need to take with you from your doctor, dentist, schools etc.
  • Keep important documents like your passport, insurance documents and service accounts handy.
  • Start packing if the removal company has not been contracted to do so.
  • Create a record keeping system and number each box with a complete list of everything that is in the box.
  • Do not make the boxes too heavy to lift – put heavier items in smaller boxes. Do not overload any of the boxes.
  • Make the necessary arrangements for your pets.
  • Take care of all address changes, e.g. banks, insurance and investment companies, the Receiver of Revenue, SABC, Multichoice, dentist, doctor, professional bodies, employer etc.
  • Arrange with the Post Office for the re-direction of your mail and transfer of radio and TV licence.
Two weeks
  • Cancel or reschedule newspaper deliveries, garden services etc.
  • If you still have a toddler around, arrange for a baby sitter for the day of the move.
The last week
  • Defrost and dry your fridge and freezer (at least 2 days prior to the move).
  • Contact an electrician for the disconnection of the stove and other electric and electronic appliances.
  • Anchor the drum of your automatic washing machine by attaching the shipping brackets.
  • Remove or put aside items that must not be packed and mark them clearly: “DO NOT PACK/REMOVE”.
  • Make sure that you have kept aside jewellery, money, firearms, insurance policies and documents of high value.
  • Pack a box of necessities for the move and mark it clearly: “LAST ON, FIRST OFF”.