BloemShelter is a women’s shelter that has provided care and shelter for homeless women in our beautiful city, Bloemfontein since 2007.   

The main aim of the shelter is to help women rediscover their worth and to get them back on their feet.  Personal growth and development are therefore at the heart of the programmes being offered at the shelter.  The University of the Free State is intricately involved through, amongst others, the Occupational Therapy and Medical Science Departments.

The young children in the shelter are encouraged and sponsored to attend schools in the area. There are also wonderful opportunities for the adults to obtain a qualification through the London based Global University of Lifelong Learning (GULL). GULL provides practical development pathways for those with limited educational access in the community and those who want to combine learning and working. Other training opportunities like computer training are available for every individual. They are also creatively stimulated through a variety of craft projects.   

The spiritual needs of the residents are also taken care of through, amongst others, Bible study and discipleship courses.

Since its inception, Protea Real Estate has been donating R1000 to BloemShelter with every successful transaction. Every R1000 provides shelter to a homeless woman for 40 days.