Coffee tables are often, even unintentionally, the focal point of a living room. Getting the styling just right is a must and provides the finishing touch to a living room.  With these simple coffee table styling tips and ideas, your coffee table could be transformed as easy as 1-2-3.   

Trays are a must when styling a coffee table. They help group objects together and create a focal point for your tabletop. Trays anchor your coffee table décor and break up the large surface area. If you have a round table, go for a round tray. If you have a square table, go for square. A cutting board can also do the trick if you do not have a tray.

They are also very practical. If you are hosting friends, it is easy to pick up the tray and move it to create more tabletop space.

 Incorporate books! Books are a great coffee table accessory for layering.

Add decorative objects.  Choose objects of varying heights to create depth and interest. Candles, shells and beads, for example, will provide loads of added texture and they are all great for layering. Creating layered heights encourages your eye to dance around and take everything in.

Different vases and bowls are also great focal points that can easily add texture, colour and dimension to your arrangement.

Then lastly, adding greenery and florals will help create an inviting and welcoming feel to any space.

Enjoy styling your own coffee table… and invite your friends over for coffee.