Do you like to cook, work out, travel or teach? Then start a home-based catering business, become an online fitness instructor, start a travel blog or become a home tutor. 

You might not know where to start, but we can help you along your way.You might not know where to start, but we can help you along your way.Start by asking yourself if turning your hobby into a business, will ruin the fun you are having with your hobby. Then take your pursuit for a test drive to see if it would be worth taking the risk and starting something new. If you decide to move forward, take the time to create a well thought out business plan. Market yourself within your family and friendship circles, but more importantly, market yourself beyond your inner circles through the use of social media.

To give you a few examples, Albe Geldenhuys launched the company USN from a small flat in Pretoria, where his girlfriend mixed creatine formulations with a hand-operated washing machine.

The vegetarian food company, Fry's Family, went from 'missing meat' and a home kitchen to shipping over 27 vegan products to 20 countries every year.

In 1999 Sally Williams started making nougat in her kitchen and sold it to her cookery students and family in Johannesburg; the rest is history.

Mark Shuttleworth started his first company, Thawte, from his parent's garage in Cape Town.

If you let your hobby work for you, treat your new venture as a professional business. Dare to start fresh, the options are endless.